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GIM Exchange is a fully-regulated FOREX & share trading platform that integrates with cTrader to allow sophisticated traders & HNWIs to access a portfolio of automated trading strategies.

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AI Driven Trading Strategies

Access the power of proprietary trading signals and fully automated positions that take into account up-to-the-trade market information.

cTrader API Backbone

Keep an eye on your complete trading portfolio no matter where you are with the industry-leading cTrader platform. Fully integrated with GIM Exchange’s automated strategies.

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Popular Markets

Trade the most popular markets including FOREX, crypto, equities, CFDs and commodities. Deep liquidity and tight spreads allows for high volume of trades and is fully compatible with GIM Exchange’s automated trading strategies.

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Gain exposure to one of the most liquid markets in the world with a complete range of FOREX products to trade with. Access GIM Exchange’s fully automated trading strategies to identify and exploit your edge.

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Access the liquidity of the global commodities market across core areas including gold, silver, oil, natural gas, wheat and other futures. Fully automate your CFD trading with GIM Exchange’s cTrader strategies.

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Trade into the highly volatile emerging assets of the Cryptocurrency class including BTC, ETH, DOGE and other high volume pairs, without having to hold the underlying asset or manage wallets and keys.

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Trade against a huge variety of shares across different derivative products and automate your trading methodologies with GIM Exchange’s cTrader strategies.

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Reduce exposure to volatility and gain access to market-wide movements with a wide range of ETF products, fully compatible with GIM Exchange’s automated trading strategies.

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Everything you need in a broker

A fully regulated platform for consistent trade execution and management.

Tight Spreads

Enjoy market-leading spreads across deep liquidity pools.

Fast and Easy

Quick and consistent fill rates across all strategies.

Transparent Results

Easily access open positions and historical trades.

Flexible Funding

Deposit with more than 40 payment methods including crypto.

Complete Market

Trade a huge range of instruments across FX, Crypto, ETFs and more.

Fully Regulated

Trade with trust; we’re fully licensed across our jurisdictions.

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SMSF Formation

A low-doc simplified flat-rate cost SMSF entity formation service with a quick turnaround time.

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SMSF Accounting

An ATO compliant simplified solution for SMSF accounting, tax preparation and reconciliation.

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Active Trading Account

An online investment platform for ETFs, REITs, share trading and other traditional investments.

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Commercial Real Estate

A simple way to gain exposure to high-growth real estate markets both locally and internationally.

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Private Equity

A sophisticated invite-only product designed for HNWI and commercial investment entities.

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Commodities & Crypto

A variety of options for investing into precious metals, rare earths and cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management

Anyone over 18 years of age may open an account with GIM Exchange.

However, trading facilities are restricted to HNWIs, sophisticated investors and traders that have passed our educational modules.

Upon signing up, you will be presented with a declaration that confirms which category you fall into.

Additionally, as a regulated exchange, all customer accounts must undergo AML/KYC procedures in order to verify identify and ensure security of the platform.

As GIM Exchange allows for the trading of CFDs, access to these products are restricted to specific classes of eligible traders.

Accounts which are not trade-eligible will still be able to access the educational modules as well as to recertify their eligibility when they fall into one of the allowed categories.

There are no fees for opening an account with GIM Exchange.

For traders who wish to access an automated trading strategy through cTrader, there are up-front and ongoing licensing and profit share fees which will be explained at the time of sign-up.

Traders opting to use the platform for manual trading will incur trading fees. Depending on the market this may be made up of a variety of costs and will vary based on the product accessed, any leverage that is used and other factors.

Any fees that are to be charged will come primarily from trading or licensing fees, and will be charged from account balance.

Accounts with a negative balance due to trading fees or licensing costs will not be able to access the platform until the balance is cleared.

In the interests of security, the exact AML/KYC process will not be publicly disclosed.

However, GIM Exchange follows industry norms, and clients can expect to provide 100 points of identification as well as to provide a video selfie or other acceptable form of documentation.

GIM Exchange also reserves the right to request further documentation or to perform later AML/KYC verification requests at any time after an account is opened.

GIM Exchange works alongside trusted 3rd party service providers to assist with this, and most AML/KYC procedures can be completed quickly from any mobile or desktop device with an active camera or webcam.

Automated Trading Strategies

See the Products & Platforms page for the most up-to-date list of automated trading strategies.

In general, GIM Exchange products focus on providing cTrader feeds that build strategies on the basis of hundreds of proprietary signals, combined with AI technology to place and exit positions.

Typically, markets will focus on the highly liquid FOREX markets as well as derivative products such as CFDs.

All GIM Exchange automated trading strategies are provided by bespoke and fully vetted veteran traders.

These strategies are not publicly available and have been sourced through an internal network of traders and providers.

Where extra liquidity is available for trade, GIM Exchange offers public paid access to eligible account holders.

In all cases, GIM Exchange also operates private equity in conjunction with the automated trading strategies and reserves the right to close public subscriptions where the number of subscribers negatively affects liquidity.

All automated trading strategies operate under an up-front licensing fee and ongoing profit-shares.

Any profits generated from the trading strategy incur a fee of 50% of profits (“the profit share”) which is used to further improve the product and to cover business overheads.

Where no profit is generated for a monthly period, no licensing fee is due. Any account with a negative balance will not owe any licensing fees until a balance has passed the break-even point.

All automated trading strategies available through GIM Exchange are integrated exclusively with cTrader, the world’s leading trading program.

Generally GIM Exchange does not require clients to lock-in their subscription or account balance.

In most cases, clients may provide a 7 day notice period for the withdrawal of funds. Any withdrawn funds must be sent to a bank account that matches the registered details that have been verified by AML/KYC procedure.

Certain exceptions to this policy may exist for some specialist products, in which case this will be provided in the relevant PSD/FSG prior to activation of the product.

General Questions

Global Investment Marketing Pty Ltd (ACN 663 732 296) is a Corporate Authorized Representative (CAR 001301427) of Pulse Markets Pty Ltd (ACN 081 505 268) which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 220383).

As a corporate authorized representative of an AFSL holder, GIM Exchange is regulated by ASIC and Australian legislation.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. A majority of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. Users should consider whether they understand the complicated structures, how CFDs work, and the high-risk profile that may result in capital loss.

CFDs (“contract for difference”) are a specialist derivate product that allows traders to gain significant exposure to a position without having to own the underlying asset.

Whilst there are significant benefits to trading CFDs including the ability to use leverage as well as quickly enter and exit positions, CFDs are a high-risk specialist product that is targeted to expert traders.

The vast majority of retail traders lose money when trading CFDs and there are no limits to losses up to and including the entire account balance. No trader should trade CFDs without understanding the significant risks involved.

You may contact a member of GIM Exchange by using any of the enquiry or contact forms on the website.

You may also call directly to 1300 243 185 to speak to a product advisor.

Note that, although GIM Exchange is authorized to provide financial advice, GIM Exchange operates a strict “no advice” model and does not provide financial, legal or tax advice to existing or prospective clients. Any product information offered is strictly general and factual in nature and is designed for sophisticated wholesale investors operating under the guidance of appropriate professional advice.

It is strongly recommended that you read and understand the Financial Services Guide (FSG), the individual PDS applicable to any relevant product (if any), and seek appropriate professional advice that takes into account your personal circumstances prior to engaging with any of the products or services offered by GIM Exchange.

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